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Cement Stucco
Our premier cement stucco system is a modification of a traditional three coat cement stucco over wire lath. The use of Portland cement has proven itself as a reliable building product since it was first introduced by the English inventor Joseph Aspdin in 1824. It has established itself as a superior siding, allowing for design flexibility, superior dependability and cost effectiveness.

This Portland Cement Stucco siding has evolved over the years to an aesthetically pleasing and durable siding for both residential homes and commercial projects. The stucco industry has improved on the original Portland cement base coat by adding chopped-fiberglass and plasticizers to the mix. This has enabled the stucco siding to be stronger, more flexible, and more crack resistant.

Innovations in the finish coats have enabled us to install pre-bagged cement stucco products such as California Stucco and flexible acrylic finish coats. The options for color and texture are limited only by the imagination of the designer and skill of the craftsman. The flexible acrylic finish coats have virtually eliminated cracking while maintaining the integrity of the Portland cement stucco system.
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Step 1- Building Wrap

Two-ply building wrap is installed over the substrate. The building wrap is the secondary protection against water infiltration yet remains vapor-permeable. Our wrap meets or exceeds the NJ Residential Building Code 2006 section R703.6.3.

Step 2 - Wire Lath

Galvanized wire lath is installed and fastened according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The wire is installed with the proper accessories and flashings to create a water tight envelope according to ASTM C1063. Please refer to Amico's Metal Lath Installation guide.

Step 3 - Portland Cement base coats

Portland cement scratch and brown coats are installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations. The cement base coats are reinforced with chopped fiber-glass and dry polymers allowing for a harder and more crack resistant base coat.

Step 4 - Finish Coats

A bonder/primer is installed when necessary and is followed by the appropriate finish coat. The finish coats range from conventional cement stucco to elastomeric acrylics and in varying textures. All finishes are installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Cement Stucco details showing system components

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