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EIFS Installation

What is EIFS?

EIFS is an acronym standing for Exterior Insulation and Finish System. It is also known as synthetic stucco because it resembles the look and feel of conventional cement stucco yet incorporates an acrylic or synthetic finish coat.

EIFS is an exterior cladding for commercial and residential properties. It is comprised of an insulation board, glass fiber reinforcing mesh, base coat and an acrylic finish (see picture below).

EIFS Components

CS Stucco is NJ's Premier EIFS Installer

We have been successfully installing EIFS since 1983. We strive to install this system according to the manufacturers’ specifications and the industry standards. We have completed AWCI's "EIFS Industry Professional" and "EIFS Doing It Right" training and are an EIFSmart Contractor. We are certified by Sto, Dryvit, and Senergy to install their product.

The President of CS Stucco is a trained EIFS inspector from the Exterior Design Institute and continues to stay on top of this fast paced industry.

Please see EIMA's GUIDE TO EXTERIOR INSULATION & FINISH SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION for further reading. You can also visit www.stocorp.com or www.dryvit.com .

EIFS services we provide include the following:

1. Moisture Drainage System on Residences: Unparalleled design flexibility coupled with insulation value makes this an ideal system for your home.

2. Commercial & Industrial Buildings: From single story to high-rises we are fully capable of providing the complete EIFS system, flashings and caulking to create a water-tight building envelope with a labor and material warranty.

3. Restoration & Coatings: We can diagnose most EIFS problems and provide the best means of restoring your building back to its original state. CS Stucco can install new flashings, caulk and finishes.


History of EIFS

EIFS was first introduced to the housing market in Europe during the 1950's. It made its way to the United States in the 1960's and was officially launched by Dryvit Corp. Rhode Island, in 1969.

Due to its design flexibility, price and ease of application, EIFS became a mainstream building cladding by the 1980's. It was installed throughout North America on commercial buildings (see pictures 2), shopping centers (see picture 3), and residences (see picture 4) of all sizes.

EIFs Commercial

2. EIFS on Commercial Building

Strip Mall

3. EIFS on Strip Mall

 EIFs Residential

4. EIFS on Residence

By the early 1990's, approximately 200 million square foot of EIFS was installed in the U.S.A.. The EIFS industry reached its peak in the mid 1990's with approximately 6% of new houses receiving EIFS. Please see link for a more detailed timeline by US Inspect.

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