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CS Stucco realizes the value of your home and promises to provide you with the best stucco/stone application possible. We hold high the importance of safety, craftsmanship and customer service. Please allow us the opportunity to prove this to you.


Your property and our workers will be cared for to the fullest extent, providing a safe and secure job-site. We have learned the value of protecting all adjacent surfaces including windows, landscaping, walkways and roofs. This allows us to clean up quickly with no need for using harsh chemicals.

Providing a safe environment for our workers is also a top priority. We have a Hazardous Materials and Communication Program and a Safety Program, and train our men on a regular basis. We use only pipe scaffolding set to the industry standards and use guards on all our power equipment. All this leads to a safe job-site and has allowed us to maintain an exceptional Workers Compensation Experience Modification Factor.


The quality of workmanship and how it translates to a professional looking stucco application is extremely important to us and will increase the value of your home. We use 2.5 self-furring lath, proper accessories (non-corrosive, where applicable), plastic nosed beads, fiber-glass reinforced and modified base coats and a true elastomeric acrylic finish coat. Although we can purchase cheaper materials providing a similar appearance, we have set our standards high. A full labor and material warranty is issued. Please take the time to view our craftsmanship as showcased in some of our completed projects and textures.

We have been fortunate to retain some of the best plasterers in the industry. They are trained in the different systems and understand the complexities of the plastering industry.

Customer Service

We are able to service your needs from the design stage through completion of your project. Our four project managers have over 90 years combined experience in the plastering industry that can be put to work for you. Please allow us to assist in the design, layout, details, textures and colors of your stucco and stone application.

CS Stucco is willing to pull the building permits, coordinate with the other trades and provide you with light carpentry and masonry services as needed.

Checklist For Comparing CS Stucco To Other Plastering Contractors:

1. Written Contract, including the Home Improvement Contractor License Number.

2. Written Labor and Material Warranty.

3. Proof of worker's compensation and liability insurance naming the home-owner as additionally insured.

4. EIFS Insurance coverage if applicable.

5. Builder's references working with contractor for more than 10 years.

6. Materials used:

  • a. Two layered building wrap.
  • b. 2.5 self-furring galvanized wire lath.
  • c. Chopped fiber-glass and modified Portland cement base coat.
  • d. Non-corrosive accessories and flashings (i.e. window head flashings, kick-out flashings) where applicable. Please note that galvanized corner beads, expansion joints and casing beads will rust.
  • e. True elastomeric acrylic finish coat.
  • 7. Garbage Removal or leave on site in customer's dumpster.
  • 8. Proof of jobs completed over 25 years ago using cement stucco. Please note that many plastering contractors installed EIFS (synthetic stucco) up to a few years ago until that industry began receiving bad publicity.
Typical job site during stucco installation

Typical job site during stucco installation.

Typical job site after stucco installation and before landscaping

Typical job site after stucco installation and before landscaping.

"This company brought all the scaffolding, a port-a-potty for its crew, cement mixer and a 20 yard dumpster. Almost every surface was covered with plastic and tar paper to protect the landscape. Every window was taped off with plastic sheeting, and the utmost care was given for the surroundings."
Angie's List Report, Sparta, NJ
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"CS Stucco is very aware of owner's schedules and work very well with other trades to meet project deadlines. Their workmanship has always met or exceeded our client's expectations and I have never had a problem closing out a CS Stucco project. They always stand behind their products and warranties and always returned back to project until the client was satisfied."
Silvia Farro, President of Tec-Con Contractors Inc.
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"CS Stucco and Plaster has provided our customers with expert advice, quality service and installation and are a pleasure to work with."
John Avanzato, President of John Avanzato, Inc.
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