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Sheetrock has quickly become the material of choice for interior wall finishes, however, the value of the old style plaster finishes should not be ignored. A two coat plaster finish can be installed over a modified sheetrock base which is formulated to accept the plaster finish. It is installed in 4" X 8" panels, thus replacing the lath and plaster base coats. The two most commonly used boards, often referred to as "blue-board", are USG Imperial Gypsum Base and Gold Bond Brand Kal-kor Plaster Base. See picture 1 as an example of the blue-board prepared for the Diamond Veneer finish coats.
Blueboard Prepared for the Veneer Finish Coats

Blueboard Prepared for the Veneer Finish Coats

The advantages of the veneer plaster over "blue-board" as compared to a sheetrock wall are distinct. The plaster veneer is a much harder surface making it more impact resistant. Plaster is a continuous application with a consistent base. This consistent base makes plaster veneer ideal for high end painting such as faux and epoxy paints. Sheetrock, on the other hand, receives spackle at the joints and nail holes. The result is "hot-spots" or shadowing that can telegraph thru to the paint.
Adobe Plaster Walls with Rounded Corners

Adobe Plaster Walls with Rounded Corners

Plaster veneer is much more versatile than sheetrock as it will conform to any configuration. Plaster veneer can be installed in many different textures. It can be plastered smooth, sprayed, skip-troweled, or made to resemble an "orange-peel". Please refer to USG's Diamond Veneer Veneer Brochure for more reading. Different plaster materials can be used to achieve even more varieties of textures, colors, and hardness. Ranging from Venetian plaster (www.firenzecolor.com) to acrylic finishes such as StoTique and StoCreativ® Granite; there are many different products and textures available to make your home a show place.

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